I have wondered many times why life is the way it is. But that got me hanging.
    We tend to be much concerned about the things happening  around us than those things happening within us. Sometimes we think that the things we achieve are the main things that matters.
Well, they might be for you. But have you ever had a rethink? Have you ever asked yourself is this all? Is this all I have come to do? Well, the answer is no it is not all you have come to do.

Can there be more?
    Yes there's more. Life is not all about what we can see. It's all about what we can't see. Yes it is!! Getting a nice Job, getting married to a very fine lady, having the most beautiful kids and even being very rich. All these are very good and great. But have you ever tried to know about the will of the One who sent you? The will of the master (God). If you can know why the master sent you to this world, then you can't get lost here.
    Hello!!! What have you achieved for the master? Which of your missions have you completed in your generation? Or are you gonna report back with empty hands. Don't allow your generation suffer because of your ignorance. Your are made for a specific purpose meant for no one else.
Get to know the Father today and discover your path in life. Trust me when I say you're heading the wrong way without him. You can live above limitations by just allowing Him to work in you. Trust Him. Allow Him take you through that path and you will see potentials flow out of you.

John 7:38
Anyone who believes in me (Jesus), as the scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.

The world is waiting for your manifestation. Allow him work in you today. Your river of living water can quench the thirst of many souls.
Know the Father today!!