Listening to the Holy Spirit

Sometimes we tend to overlook some things because we think it's only used for just that moment.
Well it's not just useful for just a moment.

This is the same way we overlook some things the Holy Spirit tells us because we think it's not going to benefit us now.
I found out that what the Spirit of God tells us sometimes is not only for the moment, it might not fight the battle now. Some of the instructions he gives us are for the future. It's also for the battle ahead.

I was walking to the bus stop one morning and the Holy Spirit told me to read a particular scripture I know. I was like I know this scripture. But He wanted me to read it in another translation so I Obeyed and got out my phone

was reading while walking on the road. I couldn't see why He was telling me such thing but that same day in the evening, a challenge came up and I struggled to win but this word that I read earlier came to me exactly how I read it in that version. Guess what? It was only a word from that scripture that gave me strength to win that was all I needed that word that I read out of obedience. Later, I imagined what would had happened if I disobeyed, I would have lost.

Hello are you still doubting the spirit of God?? Well if you're, you won't last.
Remember he's God's own Spirit which means God is living in us and directing our activities.

No matter how stupid his instructions could be to you, follow him for out of obedience to these instructions brings great victory.