Doubts Kills more Dreams Than Failure Ever Will

Doubts have killed so many dreams more than failure will.
Failure comes in when someone has failed in the actualization of a dream.
When someone fails, he can still stand, he learns from his mistakes, makes new plans and executes his plans. This will make him better because he makes sure to take the right steps that will bring him success in order not to fail again.

On the other hand, doubts will never allow a person execute his plans because he keeps on contemplating and will never take a step.
Maybe you are afraid that what you are about to start won't work out, but you can never know until you give it a try.
Having doubts is only natural, but it's in our place to overlook them and go on in actualizing our dreams.

The world is in need of your ideas and your unique concepts.
So many great people that we talk about today have failed at some points in their lives and they kept on getting better each time. Assuming they kept on having doubts and never took a step, we certainly will not be talking about them today.

Do not be afraid of failure.
Plan not to fail in what you're doing but when you fail, you will realize that failure has things to teach you, but doubts absolutely has nothing for you.