Guard your mind - Your success depends on it

The mind is a very important department of the soul. It is the seat of intellect. It's basic or principal function is to think. It has to do directly with what you think and how you think and it controls your personal self-esteem.
When you think of a man's personality, you can think of his mind as the heart of his being.

Whatever you think affects every aspect of your life negatively or positively.
The mind is a battle ground for failure or success, prosperity or poverty, health or sickness and disease, favour or disfavour.
The level of success you've attained in any aspect of your life is determined by the things that rule your mind.

Our thoughts are governed by three major things; Observation, association and Knowledge.
Observation: Your mind is conditioned by the things you observe, what you see automatically registers on your mind.
Association: Your mind is controlled by what you associate with. Association has a major influence on the mind.
Knowledge: Also the knowledge we allow our minds to acquire goes a long way in controlling it.
When we are careful in choosing the things we allow to get into our minds, we will have less problems and we will be more focused.

Above all things Guard your heart with all diligence for everything you do flow from it. (Proverbs 4:23)
King Solomon who wrote the book of proverbs was the wisest and most successful man of his time but he still understood how important guarding one's mind can be. This shows why he laid so much emphasis on guarding the mind/heart throughout the book of proverbs.

If you fill your mind with positive things that bring about success, success will play out in your life.
The things you nurse in your mind will eventually play out in your life whether you want them to or not.

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