Ladies don't throw a man away because of his present- Sarika Jakes, wife to Bishop TD Jakes

Sarika Jakes went on Instagram to tell ladies not to throw their man away because of his present.
This has a lot to teach ladies.
We all know Bishop TD Jakes and his ministry. He is a true definition of a man who is fulfilling purpose and a man who has attained success in great measures.

Most ladies today are so interested in the material aspect of life and relationship that they forget about purpose and vision.
They forget that greatness covers all those things put together and they also forget that greatness never comes easy and cannot be built in a day.

Any man that has a vision of where he is heading to and is willing to chase after that vision, can never be a waste of time. Ladies don't throw away the treasure you have just because you are in a haste to live in luxury.

Support your man because that helps a lot in making progress.
And gentlemen, any lady that claims to love you but has no interest in your vision will only kill it.

It is better to build an empire from the scratch with the one you love than packing into a mansion you know nothing about.