Failure is not the end it's only the beginning of your success story

Recently, I was talking to a friend, we talked about so many things, both random and Important things. We talked about life and things we've been through. Once again, he started telling me everything he has been through. Before then, whenever we talked and discussed something like this, you'd see him express how frustrated, depressed and how angry he feels about the situation. This time around, it was a different expression altogether. He was filled with positivity and optimism. He made one of the best statements I've ever heard. He said "without all these challenges and troubles, life will have no flavour, life will be so boring and there will be no reason to live" At first I was so surprised to see him talk like that, but later I was really happy that he is getting to understand things well.

Some people are depressed right now because they gave their best to something and at the end, it failed. Their whole body and soul have gone to rest. The only thing that goes through their mind is that they've done the best they could therefore nothing else can be done and attempting such thing again will only be a waste of time accompanied by another set of heartbreaks that will lead to depression once again.

I want to let you know that you've not come to the end of the line. The failure you experienced is the beginning of your success story.

We all know that nothing big comes easy. Things that carry great substance are not cheap. Why then do we easily give up? Anything that is being delayed is also having more time to cook, when it finally comes out, the worth will be ten times better than things that were easily fetched.

When you fail, have a positive mindset towards that situation. 
Check this out.
If you've gone to visit a friend for the first time and you don't know the area too well, you will eventually miss your way. If you still go there for the second time, you are most likely to miss you way again because you're still confused and have not mastered the environment well. Going to the same place again, you can't make mistakes on your way again because you've taken correction from those mistakes and now you are familiar with the environment.

That's exactly how we should see things when we fail. Now I'm not saying that we have to fail a couple of time before we rise, no. I'm only saying that we should see failure as an opportunity to get better and not the end of our lives.

If you're a student and you're down because you made an F don't be anymore.
In your mind, let the letter F stand for
Find another answer
Find another way.....
That way you'll get to do better.
The mistakes you've made are for your own good and betterment
You made those mistakes so that you won't have to face something like that in the future. 

Failure gives you the opportunity to do it better, the opportunity to know how best to do it when you get there again.

Remember, you must not fall before you rise
 but if you fall, make use of the opportunity to get better.


  1. This is a lovely piece of article.. Well done Emmanuel.. Keep it going. Quite inspiring

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