Get The Right Attitude

Life brings many challenges and obstacles our way. But it doesn't really matter what life brings our way. What really matters is how we react to these challenges. 

Life has never been easy, but it could get a lot more easier when we have the right attitude towards situations and circumstances.

Getting the right attitude towards things first of all calms the situation and then solutions begins to flow.

Getting worried over situations can't solve anything.

Don't let situations or feelings decide your actions.

Replace pessimistic attitudes with optimistic attitudes.

Always share what you're going through with someone. That way, your burden will be shared, you won't have to carry it alone anymore. You won't feel heavy anymore.

Always remember that you have the mind of Christ. (2 Corinthians 2:16) this will condition your mind to do things right.

Quit fear! God has not given us a spirit of fear but of  power and of Love and of a Sound mind(2 Timothy 1:7 ) Yes you've got a sound mind.

Most importantly, pray before taking actions. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you. Don't be too fast to fix the mistakes on your own, you may end up making more mistakes.
I've been passing through a lot Lately. These situations came to make me grow cold, kill my passion for things I love and for people. But guess what.... I won't give them a chance.... I'll keep on putting up the right attitude!
All I'm doing is reminding myself of these truths, my convictions and who I am.

You can do the same in your current situation. But first, you have to take in the word of God. The right attitude can only be formed through God's word.
Let the word of God come alive in you. Those words are spirit and they will make you stand firm.
(John 6:63) The words I speak to you they are spirit and they are life
God loves us and He wants us to reign in life. Don't let situations define you.




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