How To Determine A Genuine Vision

One major characteristic of a genuine Vision is that it has it's source in God. It is God's revealed plan and has to be traceable to Him. Any vision that does not have it's source in God leads to destruction.
It may flourish for a while but certain destruction is inevitable.

Let us look at Absalom, the son of David. He wanted to be king so much that he couldn't wait for his father's death.
He was pushed on by his own selfish vision, he declared himself king.
His vision was not from God. Just for a while he enjoyed all the fame and it was all sweet to him but sudden destruction overtook him.
Just like every vision from God leads to glorification, so does every one not from God lead to destruction.

Every genuine vision is characterized by peace. It is important we know that the absence of peace in any movement simply means that it is not led by God.
A vision you received and rest (peace) is driven from you, should be reexamined. A vision which has God as it's source has peace as it's companion. God will always speak peace to His people. Psalm 85:8

A genuine vision does not encourage division and break-aways. David was anointed king in place of Saul, but as long as Saul was alive, he never sought to take the throne. He only ran away when it became apparent that his life was in danger.
Many people have broken away from their masters, bosses and even pastors just because they have received a vision and think they can do better.
When your vision is of God, He will create a way out for you in His own time.

A vision is given in response to a heart desire. Desire leads to enquiry and enquiry leads to acquiring. Proverbs 18:1 A vision is sought for and acquired by man. Everyone through separation seeks his own Vision.
No one can seek a vision for another person. Habakkuk 2:1-2

A man who desires wisdom, a man who desires a vision must necessarily separate himself from every distraction and make enquiries from God.