How To Read A Book Every Week

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Most people are often lazy to read a book and when they finally decide to read one, it'll take ages for them to finish just that one book.
It is very important for us to know that leaders are readers.
An average person reads at least two books a year
But the average CEO reads four to six books a month.
The thing that gets me excited about reading a book is that you download decades of experiences in days, which is such a huge advantage.

Now the question is how do I read one book a week without speed reading??


One of the things you wanna do is to check the total number of pages on the book. I found out that the median number of words per book on Amazon is about 64,000 words.
The average person reads 200 words per minute.
So now let's do the math. We divide 64,000 words per book by 200 words per minute. 64,000÷200 = 320. 320 minutes per book. And so we divide 320 minutes by 7 days. 320÷7 =45.
45 minuets of reading a day will get you 1 (one) book a week (45 minutes= 1 book a week) If you can read a book for 45 minutes everyday then you can read a book a week.


Scheduling your reading time gives you a sense of responsibility. When you don't schedule, it becomes more of a dream and you tend to forget. Schedule it, let it be like the time you will have with your boss, an investor or for an important meeting that you'll never cancel on.

Most importantly, schedule your reading time when you're awake and alert. Some people use reading as sedatives late at night in order to fall asleep. That's not the time to schedule it. Schedule when you're awake and alert. 

So remember 45 minutes everyday can make a huge difference in your reading life.
Also remember that leaders are reader.

If knowledge is power, reading is your super power - Jim Kwik

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  1. nice article. been struggling to read books the last couple of years.

    1. Woww! It was the same story for me until I tried this technique. I'm pretty sure your story will change just like it changed for me once you apply these steps. Thanks for reading.

  2. I used to read a book a week until after graduation from secondary school...


    It's not the same thing now

    1. Hahaha I get it bro😂 but book are really essential. They go a long way in helping us grow.