The Future 10

In the Spirit of "The 10-Year Challenge" I
want to request that you choose what you want for the next ten years of your life.

Did you get better with this present challenge?

"Better" I mean not body goals (abs, bigger butt and better physique)
If we have a 10-year challenge on knowledge or improved business strategy, on thought pattern, where will you be?

You should not be participating in the 10 year challenge when you didn't get better.

Take this challenge personal, write down what you want.

Set some goals and accomplish them by that time (in ten years)

Make the next #10yearchallenge a testimony time for you.

What do you see in the "Future10" (next ten years of your life)?

"Future 10" by ODAMA EMMANUEL

Also see: The 10 Year Challenge  for practical steps that will make your future 10 a better one.