The 10 Year Challenge

The “10 Year Challenge”
Ahh! Once again, the Internet has captivated us with one of its degenerate trends, …THE 10 YEAR CHALLENGE! If you haven’t already seen it on an Instagram feed or on your Facebook timeline, then you’re probably not very active on social media. To throw more light, let’s ask the core question..

Originally called the “how hard did aging hit you challenge”, no one is exactly sure about who started it, the trend got famous on Instagram after a few Hollywood Celebrities joined in. All this challenge entails, is posting a picture of yourself from about 10 years ago alongside a recent picture to compare the difference and hopefully get a good laugh 😊. This challenge has gathered millions of posts throughout multiple social media outlets, thus becoming 2019’s top trending meme. Well, now you know more!

Yes, this internet challenge shows how much we’ve grown physically. While we spend our days conforming to an orientation that should be brushed off as a fad, we seem to forget about the real-life challenges that we face every day. Amidst all of this, our moral and spiritual growth suffers a decline in growth. Take a moment right now and flashback at your life 10 years ago, when you were a baby or probably just a young teenager, when you had big dreams of doing the unbelievable and being the unimaginable. Now back to the present, how well have you done accomplishing those goals??..
The truth is, the older we get and learn more about the difficulties of reality, we tend to lose the will to pursue our imaginations.

We must understand that at any point we are, life is simply a long journey of self-discovery. Many of us struggle, simply because we strive to become the opposite of what we are meant to be. Steve Jobs once said, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life… have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” If you feel you’ve lost sight of your visions, here are five simple time management steps to get you back on track…

1- STAY IN CHARGE: Always write down your goals for each day and keep it with you at all times. Constantly review them to ensure you’re not lacking behind.

2- DO NOT CONSIDER MOVEMENT AN ACHIEVEMENT: Mobility is not productivity, learn to move less and DO more.

3- FOCUS, ONE AT A TIME: Try not to overwhelm yourself by multitasking, taking it easy and concentrating on a particular task is what gets the job done.

4- THE RIGHT COMPANY: Never surround yourself with negative people who slow down your efficiency. Having the right people around you can go a long way to improve your output.

5- BE HUMBLE: Your success should be a pleasure, not a bragging point. Little achievements are just as important as big achievements so do not feel entitled for your accomplishments.

A NEW CHALLENGE: As the year 2019 kicks-off, set a new goal, could be to learn computer programming, master the skill of cooking, improve your singing voice,.. just anything! Let’s call it “The 10 Month Challenge.” After setting your goals, intensively follow these 5 steps, tell someone about it so they can remind and motivate you to keep going. Ten months from now, look back to this moment and compare; I bet you’ll be grateful.

Article by SOMTO ELVIS