When Love Is Ditched

Ever wrecked your skull, scouted through it, ironed out the folds in your brain and pressed it back, wrung it till there was just enough moisture to allow you slip out your hand, only to finally make the post for him on his birthday, and have hundreds liking and commenting, then rummaging through the reactions and not finding one from him. And he doesn't call the next day, and the next.

That was a question.

Ever bought her a watch with your last cash, because you've seen how it doesn't look too nice that a beautiful lady like her would walk around watchless, bare-wristed, in this twenty-first century, then finding her roomy—room mate—rocking the watch the next week and the week after that. Asked questions nicely and she replied nicely too, "we exchanged watches. That's all. I like hers. She likes mine."

That too was a question.

Everyone prays to find that someone who appreciates love expressed. That guy who would hug you and say, this is the best shirt anybody ever bought me! And perhaps write a poem afterwards. That lady that wouldn't stop feeling the necklace you bought her, the pendant that dances on her chest, whether or not you were looking. That someone who says thank you and means it.

But in the mean time, life presents us the distant similitude of our dreams, or just the exact opposite. They say thank you only because they feel compelled to. They just want to use you, leave you when you're dry. They don't know the word reciprocity.

A to-hell-with-them! would be totally acceptable, undeniably understandable. But it isn't. Everyone, as long as they are human, needs to be loved. Whether deserving or not. And this makes it all the more difficult, if not impossible.

Finally, reality dawns on us: no one is capable of loving. Especially as they should. Which is over and over again. And no one who has not been loved is capable of loving. They, we, could seem romantic. But romance doesn't encompass all that love is. So...

It all leads back to Jesus.

He lords over time, yet loves like now's the only time He's got. He stitches His heart back each time we shred it, and gives it back. Withholding nothing.

You want to save that marriage, that relationship, that friendship? Let Jesus love you. All over again.


  1. This is 🔥🔥 good!! Keep up bro!!

  2. This content is amazing! Thanks for this Fortune.

  3. Fortune how do you do it?
    Like, I can't even explain how I feel right now. Thank you so much for this piece.

    1. I also can't explain how I feel reading your comment. How encouraging! Thank you! I'm glad you were blessed.

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    This is my new favorite post!

  5. Jesus!! Jachi dis is sweet. Itz so beautiful, please dish us some more. God bless ur work.❤️❤️❤️

  6. Amen! Thank you sooo much. I'm happy that you're happy.