5 Biggest Fears Young People Face

Young people face various things everyday, fear for one thing or another is the commonest of them all.
Here are 5 biggest fears every person face in his or her lifetime as a young person/youth.


This has been a major problem for every young person. We all want to belong somewhere, we all want to fit in. Most times young people try to fit in just to please others even at their own expense. This is commonly identified with people who have low self esteem. They try so hard to mingle in order to boost their confidence and association with people.


Do you still remember when you were a little kid? When you fantasized about the things you wanted to do and the kind of person you said you were going to become. But the truth is, the older we get and learn about the difficulties of reality, we tend to lose the will to pursue our imaginations. Losing the will to pursue what we set out to do has made so many people think they don't have much to offer in the future.


This is being afraid of trying out things we love to do because of the thought of failure. This particular fear has stopped a lot of people from becoming the best version of themselves. They're afraid to explore their potentials just because they think that they might fail at it. This has held so many young people captive and has kept them in a shell.


Young people are often afraid of being alone. We seek and desire intimate relationships. We are so scared of being alone that we don't let people know all about us just because we think we are not good enough for them and also because we think they might probably leave if they get to find out about our imperfections and flaws.

We want close friendships. We want to build awesome relationships. We don't want to be alone. We want to be loved.

Isolation and loneliness are serious threats to our joy and productiveness.


As youths, we all want to do the things that make us happy. We all want to stand out and let people know what we're capable of. We want to stand out and say to everyone, "this is me!".

Most times we end up not doing these things that make us happy. We prefer to stay and hide in our little corner just because of what we think other people might say.

This particular fear of what people will say actually brings down our drive to achieve certain goals in our lives. It kills a young person's ability to push through and desire to pursue his or her dreams.


1. Love Yourself

Loving yourself puts a lot of things in place. When you love yourself, you can be able to see beyond those flaws and imperfections that weigh you down. 

Getting to love yourself also builds your confidence as a young person and you can be able to build right and awesome relationships just because your personality and actions are love oriented.

2. Put Your Trust In The Right Place

It is so obvious that all fears bleeds from misplaced trust.
We put our trust so much on people, our circumstances, our dreams or ambitions and we've idolized our society over our saviour Jesus Christ.

Faith is the ultimate weapon for fighting fear. As young people, we should cultivate trust in our saviour Jesus Christ. He loved us even when we never knew Him. He never changes nor disappoints.

3. Prepare For Difficulties

Already we've been fed with the deceptive notion while growing up that life will be easy.

It is very important to understand that life has never been easy. We experience challenges at different points in our lives and these challenges come to build us and make us mature in faith and in strength. 

4. Explore Your World

Actually, the greatest risk you can ever take is not taking a risk. We are young and we're meant to explore our world. So many of us take failure to be the end but failure is only the beginning of your success storyFailure is not the end. So don't be afraid of failure because failure has a lot to teach us. Failure teaches us how to avoid failing again. So, if you've tried once, try again. If you've never tried, then try.

What old people regret most times before dying is not what they did when they were still young and strong, it is what they never attempted to do. Explore your world today.

5. Self Development

Intentionally do things that will make you better. Learn new skills that will boost you productivity. Read books (Learn How To Read A book A week)
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