One Class You Should Never Fail | "LIFE"

We try so hard not to fail classes in school but most times, we never cared about the most important class in the world, "LIFE"

For every man on earth, life is given once and the essence of that life is to fulfill a purpose.
Most people live just to do anything that comes their way while some live to fulfill purpose everyday.

"We only have one life to live"
I'm pretty sure we've heard that a dozen times, but for most people, it's now cliche.

If we've really thought about these words, we would be more concerned about the most relevant things in our lives.

We all know this; when you fail a class in school, you will be given the opportunity to repeat and do better in that class.
But, when you fail in life, when you fail to fulfill purpose, you've failed in everything.

We spend our time doing school work.
We place our whole concentration on school activities; doing so many assignments, projects and a lot of studies in order to pass a course or subject in school.

We've taken school too serious that we don't even take the things that happen in our lives serious anymore.

We spend less time doing things that can help us get to where we're meant to be in life.

We never spend time reading books that will elevate our thought pattern.
We never spend time doing what we love. We don't even spend time doing exercises to keep ourselves physically and mentally fit anymore,
we no longer cook good foods we can happily call balanced diet.
We don't even spend enough time with loved ones anymore.
All because we are so consumed with our academics and good grades.


Life is not all about school, your academics is only an aspect of your life just like you have other aspects.
Don't let your academics consume you and your whole time.
Don't let other aspects of your life suffer just because you go to school.
Don't let your relationship with people suffer.
Don't even let your relationship with God suffer.
Don't let your spiritual life suffer
Don't let your talent suffer.
Don't let your skills suffer.
Don't let your business suffer.
Don't let your character suffer.
All because you want good grades.

The truth is if you fail the class called life, you've failed in everything including your academics you've worked so hard for.


You can have good grades in school and carry over LIFE courses.

You might be the best business student in school, but you suck at business.

You might be the dumbest kid in school but full of potentials.


It's time we started working on our lives.
It's time we started doing things that will really help us in the long run.
It's time we started doing things that will enhance our unique natural abilities and talents.
It's time we end those distractions that makes us stagnant in LIFE


As young people, we possess a lot of energy and strength. It's time we channel our strength to the right places in our lives.
It's time we wake up to the reality that life is not about graduating from school and eventually, job hunting.

What most old people regret when dying is the fact that they never lived their passion while they were still young; and if that's not enough reason for us to wake up to these realities, then we will end up graduating from this LIFE with great shame on our faces.

It'll be like the same old story in the Bible about the servant that never did anything with the talent he was given by his MASTER.

So dear young people let's spend time and work on things that will sharpen your skills and your unique abilities
Let's spend time on those books that will help us in Character building and self development.
Let's spend time with our loved ones and people that will ignite the fire within us.

As we pursue our academics, let us also work hard to become successful in life.
Success in LIFE is intentional; it only works for those who planned for it.