How To Control Emotions Under Pressure

Emotions are the languages of our body. They could also be referred to as feelings.
Emotion is a certain way we feel at a particular point in time.
In as much as emotions are part of us and they show up every single time we experience one thing or the other, they can also be toxic to our mental health.

A lot of people today live their lives based on what they feel. We should understand that we're not meant to take actions or make decisions based on our feelings or emotions. If we take actions based on how we feel at a particular moment, a lot of things will go wrong.

Whenever we're clouded by emotions we tend not to flow with what we know anymore, rather, we always choose to do what we feel and this is a wrong way of living.

Let's look at 3 Simple ways you can manage your emotions and get them under control.


This is when you stop every quick action that would have been taken just because of how you feel.
Slowing down is the most important thing to do when your mind is clouded with emotions (Both Positive and Negative Emotions). Slowing down let's you come down from your high state of emotions. When you slow down you'll get to understand things better.


Becoming aware makes you know what's happening or what's going on in your environment. When you slow down, you become aware. Also know that this is done consciously. Yes, it's a conscious effort you have to consider if you really want to make the best decisions or take the best actions at the point of emotional pressure.


Just like I've said earlier, making decisions based on how you feel at a particular point in time may cost you a lot later on. Many people regret the decisions they made when they were clouded with emotions. Make decisions based on what you know.
You know that something you're just about to do is not right but when you're caught up with your feelings, they might feel right and they may seem like the best thing to do at that particular point in time. Obviously if you go by your feelings you'd regret later on, but if you slow down, you'll become aware of what's really happening around you; then you can be able to suppress those emotions and finally take action or make decisions based on what you know and not what you feel.