I Can't Remember The Last Time I Saw The Devil

I'm pretty sure you must be thinking right now what business I have with the devil. It's quite unfortunate that a good number of people reading this right now negotiate a lot of businesses with the devil and they never realised.

I think it's time we get a clear picture of what I'm talking about.

Most times, if not all the time, when something bad happens to us we blame the devil.

When we experience failure, we call the devil.

When we experience heartbreaks, it's all the devil.

When we place all these blames and of course continue making reference to the devil, we're simply calling the devil into that particular situation.

Lol.. Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to make the devil look innocent here. All I'm trying to say is that we see problems, failures, challenges, obstacles and mistakes as the very hand work of the devil instead of an opportunity to grow and get better.

We all know that the devil is evil, nothing good can ever come out of him. Most times he comes and he tries to cause us pain but if we can look away from him and see our mistakes as mistakes, we will immediately take correction and will not make those mistakes again.

What We Should See And The Right Person to see

Just like I said earlier, most times we invite the devil into our business without knowing.

This is how it happens; when ever something bad happens, for most people the first thing that comes out of their mouth is "it's the devil" and they'll start fighting the devil.
It's time we stop inviting the devil in our business. Practicing the tips below will help us a lot;

➡️ Whenever something bad happens don't call the devil, rather see whatever happened as an opportunity to get better or to grow.

➡️ When something bad happens don't call the devil. Calling the devil and blaming him for what he has done can't make things better. He cannot save you from what he has caused you rather call JESUS! Call him into your situation, let JESUS be the first word that you say. He is the only one that can save you.

➡️ You should understand as a believer that the devil has no power over you. He can cause little problems here and there but those things are nothing compared to the power we possess as believers.

➡️ Run with a powerful mindset. Training your mind to think through every kind of problem.

I really can't remember the last time I blamed the devil for any bad thing, any loss, any mistake or any accident in my life. Instead of placing blames I always think for a way out, I call on Jesus, I still worship him in the midst of those problems.

This has given me a strong mindset about life and I've experienced rapid growth in areas of my life since I stopped seeing the devil in my situations.

Know this; the devil looses power over you and your situations in life when you stop seeing him in everything that happens to you.

Stop making him relevant in your life, STOP SEEING THE DEVIL.


  1. Exactly....

    I'm thinking, even the case of suicide in UNN must have attracted "it's the Devil."

    People should know, as you said, that the Devil has no power over them.

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  6. It was really insightful.
    Thanks for such a nice content.
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