Getting Motivated For Action

People consume contents everyday. They spend their time on social media everyday consuming as much contents as possible.
They spend their time consuming contents from people like Gary Vee, Prince EA, Jay Shetty, Dan Lok, Eric Thomas, and so many other content creators online. But the problem is that majority of the people that consume these contents don't consume them with the right mindset, they're not getting motivated for action.

These days people just want to see good stuffs, admire it and never apply what they've leant.
They consume contents from Gary Vee and still don't think of creating anything or making a shift in their mindset.
They consume contents from Prince EA but they still don't want to behave rightly.
They consume contents from Jay Shetty but still won't change their attitude towards people.
They consume contents from Mills UE (just like this one) but still won't apply the right attitude towards life and situation,  we even consume the Bible but the effects are not seen in our lives. The list goes on and on.

People just want to hear good stuffs and feel the excitement for the moment and boom, they're back to where they were.
If we're coming to learn, we should learn with the mindset of applying whatever we've learnt.

Let's get motivated for action. Let's go from being consumers to creators, let's go from hearing to doing, let's go from complementing, "This is awesome" to actually applying that which is awesome in our lives.