How To Maximize Your Potentials

Maximizing our potentials is realizing that we could do a lot more than we're doing right now, getting better at the things we do and adding more value to people around us.

Maximizing our potentials can be actualized if we do the the basic fundamental in our lives, which is "doing what we Love to do"
If we're ever going to maximize our potentials, we have to focus on doing what we love to do. When we do what actually makes us Happy and gives us satisfaction, then we can be able to discover more about ourselves.

People that do what they don't love easily get worn out, easily get frustrated and of course they end up quitting. But when we're working in the area of our strength we tend to grow and develop ourselves each time we do it because whatever you love to do comes with ease.

When you do what you love, you develop resilience, you stretch your capacity because you can't easily give up unlike when you're doing something because of the money or any other reason. The reason you can't give up easily is because that which you love to do is already a lifestyle, it comes to you naturally and even when you say you want to quit, you still find yourself doing it.