Choosing Responsibilities Over Feelings

Most times, we struggle to take care of responsibilities and this struggle is not because we can't get things done. It's simply because we don't feel like getting them done.

If you are always waiting for that moment when you feel like doing something before you actually do something, then you may never do anything.

This is where discipline comes in. Discipline enables us to do what we ought to do whether we feel like it or not. With proper discipline you will definitely achieve a lot.

So, if you want to be 100% productive, don't go by your feelings. Feelings will always lead to procrastination and procrastination kills.

You will not always be motivated to carry out out responsibilities, sometimes you've got to be your own very motivation by putting in action.

When you don't feel like doing it is when you should even do it because doing it shows your level of growth and commitment to carrying out a particular task.

Start taking it care of responsibilities today.


  1. Nice one dear. We should discipline ourselves to tend to our responsibilities even against our feelings👍🏻