Why She Won't Be Your Friend

After reading this post, you should be able to establish a good relationship with ladies as a dude starting from the first move.

Most times, guys have good intentions while approaching a lady, but there are still a couple of reasons why ladies don't wanna be friends with some guys.
So guys let's look at those reasons:

1. Your Manner Of Approach

Remember that first impression really matters, the way you approach a lady while trying to talk to her for the first time really matters. It tells her a lot about you. 
Most guys start failing from this point. So even with your good intentions and good looks, your manner of approach can discourage a lady from actually considering you as a friend.

2. You Have Nothing To offer

A good number of guys get past the approach level, but the conversation level is probably the most important part of this process.
For two people to be called friends they must have things in common, they share things like ideas, values etc.

When you have nothing to talk about, when you have no values to communicate or ideas to share, she's definitely going to get bored and eventually withdraw.

3. Your Manner of Communication

Ladies are sensitive people and they want to be treated with some respect, actually they deserve some respect.
The way you communicate with a lady (speaking  or chatting) tells a lot about you. When a lady begins to notice that you talk to her in a way that is unacceptable to her, she begins to withdraw from the relationship.

4.  The Way You Dress

The way you dress is actually the way people that have never come in contact with you will address you.
Ladies in particular take note of the way guys dress.

5. Unclear Intentions

One of the reasons she doesn't wanna be your friend is because your intentions are unclear. Your intentions towards her should be defined and so clear because ladies can easily notice when things get creepy. So bro, don't be creepy.

6. Your Bossy And Controlling Attitude

Ladies are not your servants so don't treat them like one. Nobody wants to be controlled, everyone has their own life to live. Don't take any lady for granted no matter how close you are to her.

Treat ladies with respect and give them a reason to feel special, be genuine, be honest and don't be fake. When you communicate and treat ladies right, you'll always have their trust.