5 Reasons Why People Don't Do Anything

People say a lot but but end up doing little or nothing. Here we're going to be looking at most common reasons why people end up doing nothing even after hyping about all they're going to do.

5 Most Common Reasons Why People Don't Do Anything

1. People Are Scared

Why most ideas come up and still die as ideas is because of this common reason of "being scared" You hear people say things like;
I am scared it's not going to work out.
I am scared I'll loose money.
I am scared to fail.
People will laugh at me and bla bla bla.
Being scared has really buried a lot of dreams.
The thing is, you can never tell if it'll work out or not if you've never tried before, you'd never know unless you try.

One thing I am really sure about is that if you really take your time to study well about what you're going into before starting out, you will eventually do well.
Now you studying and starting out well doesn't mean you won't make horrible mistakes, you will eventually. But that's not the point of it all. The point is this: being scared and ending up doing nothing rips you off the ability to learn, grow and to withstand life challenges.

2. People Are Lazy

Now this right here is a thief, yeah laziness is a thief and guess what it steals from you, TIME.
Some people don't do what they love to do not because they don't have the resources or the courage to pursue their dreams, but it's simply because they are lazy to the core.

Even in a case where your are doing something, whatever you're doing will never go far as long as you are being lazy towards it because laziness breeds inconsistency and inconsistency yields no good result.

So always remember that in whatever you want to pursue, time has a great role to play, therefore being lazy is not an option because time is not in abundant supply. Time moves and waits for no man and any time lost now is lost forever. For instance, you can never get back 2018 ever again, in  the same way, you can never get back 20th November 2018 ever again, in the same way, you can also never get back 2:30pm on the 20th day of November 2018 ever again.

So you see, it starts from the shortest moments, to days, to months and then to years. Everything you do right now really counts because it determines what will play out tomorrow.

If you are always lazy in whatever you find yourself doing, you will always be a mediocre in that. But those who are diligent in what they do will always stand before kings and not mere men. (Proverbs 22:29)

3. Feelings / Emotions

In one of my recent posts Choosing Responsibilities Over Feelings I talked about how feelings affect our productivity negatively.

Most people live by what they feel ( I feel like doing this, I feel like doing that ) they only do things if they feel like doing it. People like this attach emotions to their work, business, dreams and so on.
it is actually good we feel, I mean that's why we're humans. But if we go by our feelings in everything we do, we might never do anything.

It takes a high level of discipline to actually carry out responsibilities or do things when we're supposed to. Its really difficult to do the right things when we're all caught up in our emotions but consistent application of discipline puts you on the right track.

You won't always feel motivated. Sometimes you just have to be your own motivation by putting in action - Mills UE

 We should know that the human body does not like any form of stress so this is why we have to train our mind to be stronger than the feelings of our body. When this happens, we will live by what we know and not just what we feel.

4. Living Based On People's Expectations and Judgement

Living your life based on people's expectations and judgement is one thing you don't want to do and if you are already doing it, quit doing it today. When you let your life run on other people's expectations, you are doing yourself great harm as an individual because you are not doing what works for you, instead you are doing what works for those you are living for expecting what worked for them to somehow work for you.

When you live a life like this you will never get to do what you love to do because you feel you might end up disappointing some people who already expect some certain things from you. These people might be your friends, your relatives or even your parents who have probably created a fake life in your head on how things should or shouldn't go in life. 

On the other hand acting based on other people's judgement is as bad as living based on other people's expectations. 
Young people mostly fall victim of these circumstances because they care a lot about what other people will say. Most young people don't really value what they know about themselves. They prefer taking in lies from people that don't know anything about them.

Don't take opinions from people that won't listen to yours - NF

When your whole mind is clouded by what people will say if you do this or do that, you will never be productive and you will always be depressed. So care less about what people say about you and pay more attention to what you know about you and how you can grow.

5. Excuses

Unproductive people always find excuses to give whenever they have responsibilities to carry out.
The most common excuses people come up with whenever they're about to start up something is the excuse of not having resources and equipment. Others say it's lack of time.

If you keep on waiting till you get it all before you put out something, you might never do anything. Most times I find out that people who complain of not having things to start never started even when they've gotten it all. This made me realize that excuses don't come because we lack resources, equipment or time, excuses come up as a  result of our unwillingness to push through with what we have and our lack of discipline.

For those who might doubt this, find someone who is into what you might want to pursue, ask them how they started and you'd realize that you are even in a better place to start than they were.

Excuses exist only because we create them - Mills UE

Quit finding excuses and start finding the most possible way to accomplish what you've set out to do with what you have.

I hope this post will make a huge difference on your mindset concerning certain things.
Don't forget to comment and share as this blesses you.
Stay positive and productive always.


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