The Attitude Of Gratitude

Sometimes I feel so and angry at myself
because of what I do not have. I experience emotional break downs even when I least expect them.

However, I realized that I have been the one causing myself own pain by focusing my mind so much on my problems and challenges life throw at me which makes me focus so much on what I do not have.

But recently, I realized that I have the choice of being angry with God for what I don't have or be grateful for what I do have.

Gratitude makes us appreciate what we have, thereby bringing joy to us even when we know we don't have it all.

Gratitude makes us more productive because it frees our mind from regrets, and from negative thinking.

Gratitude brings out the best part of us.

Gratitude does a lot of good things for us, it makes us the best version of ourselves.

So I choose to be grateful!

I am grateful for life, I grateful for Family, for friends, for a great mindset.
And being grateful alone, gives me overwhelming joy.

So choose gratitude over complaints, over anxiety, over depression and over every other negativity.
Peace guys, Stay real.