HOW TO WIN IN LIFE | seeing the end from the beginning

We all encounter different challenges and obstacles in our various fields and the primary goal we have is to become successful in those fields.

One sure thing I know is that life will hit any man that has a dream. But when life hits you, what do you do? Do you give up and accept the defeat?

Don't allow LIFE to frustrate you out of you dreams.
Take a moment and think of any great successful person right now.
Have you ever wondered what would have happened if they allowed life to keep them down?
You probably won't be hearing about them right now.
The truth is that without persistence you can't climb back up.
When life hits you to the ground, bounce up again. Always persist.

Always look at the bigger picture and you'll realize that all these challenges can't stand up to who and what you're going to become.
When ever you feel like giving up, remember that a generation needs you. Some people will never rise except you rise because your success becomes a motivation to them, your success encourages them to keep pushing knowing that they will get there some day if they don't give up.

It is known that whenever people give up on their dreams they always settle for something less because they feel like life will go easy on them when they go for something lesser than their actual dreams. But check, is that what you really want? to settle for less?

When you settle for less you become less of whom you were created to be. Be resilient and push harder. It is one thing to have a dream and another thing to stay through and see that dream come to pass. Trust me, if your dreams had no worth, there won't be challenges and obstacles on your way, life won't bother you in any way.. So start doing things like a winner, start seeing yourself on that huge platform, start seeing yourself going for tours, see yourself play for that big team of your dreams.

When you see the end from the beginning, you will get the right attitude to face these current challenges because you will realize how small they are when you've seen how big you will become. It's just a matter of time!

See the end from the beginning, that's how God sees things.