What We Become

In life we become everyday and what we become is totally up to us. As we grow older, we choose the path we want to take in life and each time we choose, we become. Yes we become what we are from the experiences and the lessons learnt from each path we've walked on.

Most of you have mental pictures of whom you want to be and the kind of life you would want to live. It's really great to have those pictures but that's not really all there is.

What we become is totally up to us. It all starts from the conscious efforts we make everyday.
The things we do everyday become habits and they form us. First we form habits, but then our habits form us. So it's no surprise a lot of people turned out the way they are right now.

In life, you can become who and whatever you wish to become. All you need to do is to choose a path to walk on and do it with all your heart, put in the work and make conscious efforts that will bring you closer to where you are headed. Also know that you start becoming who you want to be from the moment you've made a decision to walk on that path.

Take for example, a medical doctor doesn't just become a medical doctor. He starts becoming from the day he made up his mind to become a medical doctor and he puts in conscious efforts to get into med school and all through his stay in med school, he is becoming even till the day he graduates. So you start becoming from the day you chose to become.

Conscious efforts involves a lot of things we consider insignificant like the words we speak, the company we hang around with, the things we consume, even the little things we do.
A man who has a clear vision of who he is becoming doesn't do things just because others are doing the same thing. He knows where he is headed in life so some things don't move him.

So first of all ask yourself this question, WHO DO I WANT TO BECOME?
When you can answer this question, then you set goals and work on yourself. When you can't tell yourself who you want to become and work on it, life will choose for you who to become.

There are no hidden secrets of whom you are going to become. It all starts from what you think, what you think is what you say, what you say gives you what you do, and what you do everyday, is what you become. These things you think, say and do revolve around your value system and with this, one can easily tell what he is becoming.

Those who have not made decisions to become someone are still becoming. They do anything and everything that life brings to them, so they end up becoming anything and anybody life made them. They are everywhere and nowhere at the same time. They give in to all sorts of things as long as it is fun because they have no goals for themselves.

As we live, let's also have it in mind that we are becoming.. It's either we deliberately become or we become someone we never chose to become without even knowing and this only happens when you live for the sake of living. Knowing that your daily actions count, make deliberate and conscious efforts that will help you stand your ground in the midst of distractions and other things that may drift your focus.
What you become is up to you.