The Desire To Be Different In A New Year

It's a new year and every new year comes with new year resolutions for most people. This happens because most people want to start the new year on a fresh note, they want things to be different from the previous year.

Most new year resolutions only last for some weeks and this is because people want change, they want something different but they never initiated the change within before expecting change outwards.
Now these are the things you should take note of:

- For a real change to occur, there should be a desire and a longing to be different. When this happens, it affects your actions and when your actions are different, you get a different result from what you've been getting.

- Real change doesn't occur when the aim is short term based.
Short term goals are good when achieved but setting standards are great! This is because setting standards are long term based.
When the purpose of change is short term based, the change cannot hold on for long.
So don't make new year resolutions,  make new life resolutions.
Focus on doing things you want to carry on for a lifetime not things that will be temporary.

- You have to be honest to yourself about what you want, about why you want this change and the positive or the negative effects it's going to have on you eventually.  Being honest with yourself on matters like this goes a long way in solving some decision problems.

When you must have taken note of these things and worked on them, you'll find it easier to make that difference you've so much longed for.

Always remember that the true desire to be different, to distinguish yourself and to get better, comes from within. It's a decision first before other things that makes it work.

Happy New Year.