How To Let Go Of Old Friends Who Have Become Toxic To You

We've talked about "How to let go of toxic friends" but how about letting go of old friends who have become toxic to you.

You know sometimes, we get so attached to some people because we've known them for a very long time. It might be an old friend from high school, an old friend from college, or even your childhood friend. And the difference between this friend and every other friend is that you've known this particular friend for a very long time.

It's awesome to keep old friends. Personally, I love keeping old friends. But what happens when that old friend becomes toxic to you?
Kick them out?

You see it's not that easy. It's very easy to kick out someone you met a week ago, two weeks ago, 3 weeks ago, even a month ago than someone you met 6 years ago, 10 years ago or someone you've known all your life.

And the reason for this is that you've become so attached to this person that you feel like you can't do without him or her.

Now here is what you need to know.
At a point in life, a friend is a friend and the reason you are friends is because you have the same interests in life, and you all are growing together.

But at some other point in life, you'll realize that you've moved on and you've overgrown this person because you've embraced change and growth. But this friend doesn't want change: he or she wants to remain at the same point you were years ago.

Don't hold on to people that are not good for you anymore. Know when it's time to move on so that your growth as a person won't be delayed.