4 Ways To Breaking Social Media Addiction In 2020

Over the years, social media and it's services has been awesome and has amazingly made a lot of things easy especially when it comes to passing information.

In as much as social media has gone a long way in helping humanity, a lot of people have abused social media so badly that it affects them negatively.

One of the most common effect that occur each time social media is abused is it's addiction.

According to wikipedia, "social media addiction is a problematic social media use, also known as social media overuse, is a proposed form of psychological or behavioral dependence on social media platforms, similar to gaming disorder, internet addiction disorder, and other forms of digital over use."

How To Break from Social Media Addiction

1. Don't use social media first thing in the morning

Research has shown that when you you wake up in the morning, you have a lot of willpower and when you do social media first thing in the morning,  you end up not being so productive,  you're diminishing your willpower.
So when you wake up in the morning try doing things that are productive first. You could pray first, you could work out, you could take your shower or even try making breakfast. Doing productive things first thing in the morning will decrease the amount of time you put into social media thereby helping you heal from it.

2. Turn off your social media apps notifications

Have you ever noticed that you tend to spend more and more time on social media when you recieve notifications? This is because the sole aim of any social media company is to make it's users spend more time on their apps and sending notifications to is always a good way to do that. When notifications are sent you want click on them because you really want to see this for yourself.

Turning of these notifications will make you recieve less from social media and this will go along way in helping you spend less time on social media apps.

3. Find a new hobby

Try finding something off social media, something you love to do. For me I love playing the guitar and singing. Doing this helps me spend less time on social media and helps me spend more time doing some other things I love.

4. Go Cold Turkey

This means a sudden abstinence from am addictive substance.
Going cold turkey on social media means abstaining from social media for a while and this will go a long way in helping you break your social media addiction, since it shifts your attention to what's going on in the social media world to other things happening around you.