Kenneth Copland's Prophecy: "COVID-19 Will Be over Sooner than you think"

Corona virus has become a very big threat to the whole world. All over the world, there is panic because of this horrible disease. Some days ago, Kenneth Copeland released a prophecy about this pandemic.

These were his words:

"Friday night at 9:24pm. Glory and my usual routine is we go to bed early, listen to a couple of messages by brother Hagin watch the 700 club by you know 10:00 to 10:30 turn the lights out. But we had just listened to brother Hagin that first message and suddenly, the word of the lord came to me, so I jumped up and got my notepad and wrote it down (9:24pm). "This disease called COVID-19 will be over much sooner than you think." Christian people all over this country praying, have overwhelmed it, give me all the glory said the spirit of grace and many people will come to me through it. I'm still Lord over this Nation, I'm on the throne, Faith in me changes things.(Glory to God)"

This prophecy by Kenneth Copeland shows that God is in control and mighty things are about happen.
Do not panic for God is in control, faith in him changes things.