You're In

Hello human! You are welcome to writing prep (no loitering, our teachers have long canes). I'm guessing you're not a robot so I won't have to put a Recaptcha here. Are you?

So guys, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m a rambler. I talk talk talk, like I’m doing now. Because I own this page, I was asked to write an introduction, a sort of welcome address. And I thought for long on what to write. I found nothing, unfortunately. But I would be saying something. 

Did you see my page graphic? The fine boy with a gun, smoking a pipe? What did you think? Did it remind you of Jack Sparrow? Or Undertaker? I’ve gotten weird reactions from people I showed it to. Someone said the whole stuff especially the name reminded her of Money Heist. Unfortunately, I won’t be posting spoilers or Rio and Tokyo making out. Naa naa. So I gave her:

An E for the Effort. (She’s one of my most brilliant pupils)

Someone was like ‘mad oh’, another said she thought of crime. One guy said it made him think of romance (we need to beat some people). Well there were lots of reactions, most of them centered around crime and mystery. Now the ball’s in your pot, what do you think, human? Let me know.

Before I go, I would like to give a heads up. I’ll be writing about faith, lifestyle and poetry. So guys, gear up, we’re going to make some rambles. Someday, I’ll share my reason for choosing the name ‘A Gang of Ruffians.’ Until then, I’M TIRED. Bye.

(P.S. Don’t ever read me while you watch Money heist or Grey’s Anatomy. I’m a jealous blogger. I’ll report you to my Father if you do.)

With all alacrity,
Cheers. Ikay.