INJUSTICE - A Spoken Word Poetry

Injustice is the state of not being fair or just, a word often used when things are not done in favor of the deceased.

Injustice has always made it's way to our communities every single day but in tiny little ways but this time around it didn't come in a tiny little way. It came quite big in a respectable blue and black uniform kneeling on the neck of a full grown negro screaming "please sir I can't breathe!" It sure came around this time as a racist and this makes my heart bleed because it's not the first, second nor the third time it came around as a racist neither is it the second, third nor the fourth time it came in a respectable blue and black uniform.

I can't breathe sir please I can't breathe!

You see its not about George Floyd who never perceived that a stick of tobacco was gonna end his life. Its also about others who woke up and never perceived that their lives was gonna be taken by a white skinned man who sees a black skinned man as a weapon that needs to be terminated.

Breonna Taylor, who was an essential worker during the covid-19 pandemic as an EMT worker shot dead by cops for doing absolutely nothing. That's what she gets for saving lives just because she's colored.

Tamir Rice, a 12 year old boy playing in the park with a toy gun shot dead by cops for doing absolutely nothing. Yeah, that's what he gets for being cute in a colored way.

The list goes on and on and on so many lives gone turned to hashtags and now its #blacklivesmatter

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice anywhere". That was said by Martin Luther King jr, another black life.

You see, the more we label a certain people as a description that needs termination just because we see the as a set of ammunition, the more we build a world full of corruption, hatred and destruction.

As we move out in our numbers to seek the justice that we all deserve let us remember that the badge ain't our enemy, some white mentality is.