How To Get Rid Of Bad Habits Fast

Earlier this year, one of the major goals I had was to get rid of all my bad habits and replace them with good ones. Now as easy as that may sound, going through the process of getting rid of some habits has not been easy at all.
 I mean these are habits we are talking about here, actions that your body has gotten so used to that it doesn't need your permission to perform them. But then, my drive has been me knowing that if I don't end these habits, they're eventually going to end me.

Most of the time we quit on getting rid of bad habits because they're hard to stop and also because we think that these habits that no one knows about doesn't affect the things we do on the outside. The funny thing is that those habits affect every single area in our lives down to how we relate with people.

The real you is not you when everyone is watching,  the real you is you when no one is watching"- NF
Over time, I've realised that it takes the same process of forming bad habits to actually form good ones. So I started leveraging on this - if you want to form bad habits, constantly practice them and they'll become yours, also if you want to form good habits, constantly practice them and they'll become yours.
Your actions are turned into habits.

 But just before you take the next action that will determine the kind of habit you're going to form, remember that FIRST WE FORM OUR HABITS AND THEN OUR HABITS FORM US.

Don't be surprised about the outcome of tomorrow because your tomorrow will be a product of the habits you've formed so far.