About Mills UE

Uchegbu Chinaza Emmanuel known as Mills UE is a YouTuber and a blogger who also create content on various social media platforms (Instagram, Vskit, Tiktok).
Mills UE started creating contents online with the sole aim of inspiring young people.

He started his blog www.uefeeds.com in 2016, the same year he finished high school from University of Nigeria Secondary School, Enugu Campus, Nigeria.
He started writing inspirational and self development content to inspire as many young people as he could reach all over the world.

Mills UE started out as a YouTuber on February 2nd 2019 when he released his first YouTube video titled "What You Should Do When Life Hits You Down". This was during his second year of his tertiary education in the University Of Nigeria Nsukka where he studies Economics.
His YouTube channel is based on 3 major areas, INSPIRATION, LIFESTYLE and SELF DEVELOPMENT and his journey has been quite inspiring to a lot of young people and he hopes to inspire a lot more as his contents reach more and more people.

He Currently runs a clothing brand with his best friend "Lighthause Brand" and a media brand "Lighthause Media" which is aimed towards helping people create better content online.

Mills UE aspires to go into music in the nearest future as he sees it as an avenue to reach out to more people (especially young people)