How To Become More By Having Less (Minimalism)

 As a minimalist,  I find clarity and happiness in having less because having less means, less to deal with, less to worry about, less issues to fix.

Sometimes we find it difficult to let go of some things in our lives and I'm not just talking about possessions of physical clutter, I am also talking about, emotional and mental clutter.

You become more by having less. Now let me explain that. A lot of people go into a whole lot of things just because it's a trend, or an easier way to make money or something that is being done by every other person. Bit we forget that having more on our table means more stuffs to deal with.

Imagine being focused and going for a particular goal or sticking to a particular business and all the noises around don't move you. You'd be more focused, more dedicated, more creative, more productive to that one thing that has your attention. 

You can focus on a particular thing and have more results than trying to focus on everything and have little or no result.

So take some time to declutter the things that are necessary in your life, things that no longer serve you right in order for you to focus on the more important things that will help you grow and achieve more productivity.

I hope this sets clarity in you mind.

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