No be today e start

No be today we begin hear am
No be today dy begin harass boys
No be today dy begin end boys

I thought we were meant to be our brother's keeper
I thought were meant to look out for each other
I thought we were meant to run to you for protection
But now the black uniform sends a message of destruction.

This whole thing got me thinking about your job description I can't tell anymore if it's a fight to end robbery or maybe you got a new definition - to fight and kill young people without restriction.

life is too short already so I wonder, why do you have to make a fellow man's life even shorter?
why do you find so much joy in pulling the trigger instead of hearing a brother?

Well I don't need your explanations

I thought the news was so far fetched until I got to experience sars for myself and I can tell you how cold it feels when you know that a little misunderstanding can literally end your life.
Yes! They actually meant those words actually when he said " I go shoot you and nothing go happen"

Jimoh Isiaq, Sleek, Ayomide, Taiwo, Peter Oforum, Chika Ibeku, Chibuike Anams, Ifeoma Abugu, Christian Onuigbo, Emmanuel Egbo, Joy Ndubueze, Richard Gora ...
King OKE who tweeted "Nigeria won't end me" 3 hours later, got hit by a stray bullet straight into his neck. His country failed him

The list goes on and on and on.. so many young lives gone just because an officer wants to prove he has a gun.

But it's not just about the police.. let's talk about a government that is so incredible, I even wonder how they were eligible for leadership in the first place.

A Government that chose to release fire on the people rether than looking out for their survival

Now we can see where it all started from
A government shooting at the people
Police officers shooting at the people
The act is similar
It's all violence... on... the people

The system was never meant to serve us but to wipe us...

You see, endsars movement is just the beginning because a Nigeria of my dreams is starting to emerge. A generation that has the guts to challenge the status quo, willing to fight for their rights in oder to have their lives

There is no turning back now
From here we make other things right!

Wael Ghonim — 'The power of the people is much stronger than the people in power'

They always say Nigeria is the giant of Africa
But that never made sense to me but now I see that the giant they've been talking about lives in the heart of every Nigerian.

We are the generation that will deliver this nation from the bondage and shackles of bad leadership.
The generation that will not fail the future generations.