The One Bus I'd Travel On

If you're a man of purpose or a visionary, you should know that in order to to get to the next level of success in your life, you have to do away with certain things that seem to hold you down.

And that why I focused so much on eliminating bad habits in 2020, it was quite a tough battle.

This year 2021, I have a good feeling about a lot of things, I am super sure that I'll experience great things this year and beyond, but then I also know I'm the only person who can stop myself from getting to that point.

So that is why I'm drawing a line today, making up my mind for a better tomorrow. I'm done playing. I'm done meddling with irrelevant things that make me feel less of who I am.

I want to live out my highest potentials and I hope you'd love that too. You are free to join me on this journey but then, we have one rule while on this bus "we do what is right even when no one is watching"

This bus right here is the only bus that most young people have refused to travel on because of this simple rule but I guess that's because it's tough to roll with.

But then I can't quit travelling on this bus. I know there are many buses out there but this is the only bus taking the right lane. Taking the right lane can only get me to the right destination.

Stay tuned.