Just A Week After I Turned 22

 It's exactly a week since I celebrated my birthday and I'm grateful to God for life, for the amazing people in my life and so much more. 

The little time I've spent in this world, has thought me a lot. 

I wake up everyday with the very mindset to learn and I can tell you that there are days you learn a lot, there are days you learn absolutely nothing, there are days life will project your flaws 😂 (OMG I HATE DAYS LIKE THAT) it literally feels like all your weaknesses and foolishness are being projected to the world at once. Just when you think you've grown a bit, then comes another hit! 

But then I also appreciate days like that because they teach me a lot about myself and help me know exactly where to work on.

Right now, I see myself as a growing tree that needs the most attention, that needs the most watering and the most manure. 

This is when I should listen more because I know that people my age don't listen to nobody except themselves, this is the time to always stick around people with great mindset, this is the time my love for God should be at it's peak.

I've always made one consistent prayer since I was quite little "Lord let my whole life be expressions of your grace" 

That's also a popular song right? Well that song has been my prayer and I've seen that prayer work out in my life but then I know that this is just the beginning, this is just the foundation.

Well, let me not bore you with my life affairs.... just know that the coolest people in this world were born in April or maybe May too and that's because May is close to April. 😌

Don't you argue the above in my comment!