How I Survive Tough Times | Hard Times | Difficult Times


A lot of people deal with a lot of things, lots of challenges and those challenges affect us in so many different ways, I myself have through a lot of hard times, so many times. We do not wish for these times to come but then we find ourselves facing them.

But this is how I see it, these times come to build us, to challenge in order for us to become better and to push us out of our comfort zone but then it also depends on the way you see it.


Some people dealt with a lot of challenges that pushed them to the ground but they decided not to stay on the ground, instead they decided to push again and again until they could finally stand back on their feet. While some other people who faced similar challenge became victims of the situation. Now how do you explain that? This is simply because of how they looked at the situation differently, and today we celebrate those ones that survived the hard times and the tough moments they were dealing with.

How we respond to hard times and the situations that come to bring us down matters a whole lot because that determines if the situation will make you or keep you down.

I go through hard times with the attitude of gratitude. This attitude keeps me thinking positively in the midst of all negativities. Helps me to be thankful for what I’ve got right now and when you’re grateful for what you have, where you are and where you find yourself in, you don’t see reasons to complaining anymore. You just keep going hoping that everything will be alright because in the end, everything will be alright.

Hard times are not there to stay and how you respond to it will determine what comes out of it. Most times we go through hard times with the whole sad and bitter feelings it sends to our mind. When you do that, you can only think negatively and when you think towards the negative direction, you will definitely confess negatively and of course we know that negative confessions can only bring about negative results at the end of the day.

So I encourage you to be grateful each time you face tough times knowing that you will survive it and not only will you survive, you will become a better person at the end of your trials and tribulations.

Check out my YouTube video on how I survive hard tough below, it has more to say about hard times and tough times than what I have written on this page.