Why You Need To Stop Surface Thinking

What's good everyone, today, we're going to be looking at where you need to stop surface thinking. First off, you're probably asking yourself who a surface thinker is. Here's a simplified definition of who a surface thinker is; "someone who conforms and has no real thoughts or someone who has thoughts without depth.

Surface thinking can result to a whole lot of bad decisions in different aspects of our lives. In your finances it makes you spend on irrelevant things and keep on living from paycheck to paycheck.

It is really important to always calculate the consequences of whatever action we're about to take. If our actions are calculated most of the time, we won't get into much trouble. We have to take control of things around us to get good outcomes. 

There is a popular saying that "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail". I believe that one of the ways to eliminate surface thinking is planning because apart from writing down things you want to do while planning, it gives you a foresight of what your day will look like or what the future will look like.  The planning process involves thinking, adjustments and getting solutions to an impending problem. 

If you plan how much you're to spend in a month, you'd be mindful of your purchases.

When you plan what you need to achieve in a day, you'd be mindful of your time.

When you plan for tomorrow you'll take important steps today that will lead you to the tomorrow you've already seen in your mind.

Taking responsibility of these little things will help you realise that leading a successful life isn't about going for things that flash before you but rather taking calculated and mindful actions that accumulate over time to give you strong momentum to live life at it's best.

So let's do more of planning, more of mindful thinking and less of surface thinking.


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